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The latest Auditions of 2017 provide more prizes for the winners thanks to the collaboration with TradingView. In fact, traders can compete for both the Working in Forex and the TradingView awards, which are a parallel and independent initiative.

As in October, they will deal with MT4 trading.

The November Auditions will begin on Monday 6th of November and will close on Friday 15th of December.

Will also be able to participate those traders who participated 3 times in the past Auditions with Kawase.

To participate in the November Audition, the Traders only need to open a demo account on MAXFX by the following link:

The account must have the following features:

– Account type: VIPMAX

– Currency: USD

– Balance: USD 10k

– Leverage: 1: 500.

At this point, the Traders just have to tell their account number at Costantino at

Awards of Working in Forex:

The first 4 in the total ranking of the month will win the free access to one or more of the Working in Forex Programs, which are:

1) WF Multiday Intermediate (cost: EUR 350).

2) WF Intraday/DAX Intermediate (cost: EUR 250).

3) WF Multiday Trial (cost: EUR 150).

4) WF Intraday/DAX Trial (cost: EUR 100).

According to your needs, You can partecipate to more than one Program. To do this, you need to split the award You won into two or more Programs. If necessary, You can also choose to add the missing amount of the fee.

Support for MaxFX trading accounts:   

Support for Auditions:

For Traders participating in the Auditions, TradingView puts on the following prizes:

1) Subscription 12 months Premium Accounts worth USD 480;

2) Subscription 12 months Account Pro + worth $ 240;

3) Subscription for 12 months Account Pro worth $ 120.

Traders who do not get the Working in Forex podium can also access TradingVew awards.

To qualify for awards, Auditions participants must have a TradingView account and publish from three to five ideas per week with the “wfxauditions2017” tag.

All Traders are also encouraged to publish their operations.

Of each Trader we will consider the 3 most viewed posts.

The ranking will be drawn up at 12:00 CET on 16/12/2017 and based on the total of the views.